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Monday, March 17, 2008

No sleep till Lhasa

Free Tibet

"No sleep till Tibet" is the name of my album that I share freely courtesy of MacIDOL. Less free, is Tibet. A huge place steeped in history and currently swathed in violence and oppression.

Tibet needs her "Ocean of Wisdom". If there was a Gold Medal of Compassion, surely the Dalai Lama would win? The human race needs the Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama Press Release

I am deeply concerned over the situation that has been developing in Tibet following peaceful protests in many parts of Tibet, including Lhasa, in recent days. These protests are a manifestation of the deep-rooted resentment of the Tibetan people under the present governance.

As I have always said, unity and stability under brute force is at best a temporary solution. It is unrealistic to expect unity and stability under such a rule and would therefore not be conducive to finding a peaceful and lasting solution.

I therefore appeal to the Chinese leadership to stop using force and address the long-simmering resentment of the Tibetan people through dialogue with the Tibetan people. I also urge my fellow Tibetans not to resort to violence.


March 14, 2008

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